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Kyoto Station Front Building
Shopping Center - Open
God Underground Street
Shopping Center - Open
Prince Karuizawa Shopping Plaza
Shopping Center - Open
God Underground Street
Shopping Center - Open
Prince Karuizawa Shopping Plaza
Shopping Center - Open
Roppongi New Town
Shopping Center - Open
KITTE Shopping Mall in Tokyo
Shopping Center - Open
Tokyo Sky Tree
Shopping Center - Open
Tokyo Midtown
Shopping Center - Open
Mitsukoshi Ginza
Department store - open
Osaka Station City
Department store - open
Hankyu Umeda Main Store
Department store - open
Matsuya Ginza
Department store - open
Takashimaya Osaka
Department store - open
Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store
Department store - open
Nihonbashi Takashimaya SC
Department store - open
Hikaru Junyuan Industrial Co., LTD
Department store - open
Iwataya Main Store
Department store - open
Increase product awareness
You can reach potential customers influenced by the brand that cannot be obtained through existing direct sales.
Inspire Purchase Motivation and Continue Buying
Unlike CM or Online Ads, It Is Not Unilaterally Sent by the Company but Part of Word-of-Mouth Marketing Using Influencers' Influence, Making It Highly Trustworthy and Natural for Purchase Motivation.
Deep Understanding of Products
When Influencers Actually Use the Product and Receive Comments on the Product's Pros and Cons through SNS, It Leads to 'Understanding the Product'.
Advantages of Joining Franchise Stores
Powerful 'Exclusive' Influencers
We Have More Than 70 Exclusive Internet Celebrities, and We Also Have Influencers with More Than One Million Followers, So We Can Recommend the Best Influencers for Marketing.
Planning Capability
With Many Records of Collaboration with Over 1,700 Influencers in the Past, We Propose a Plan Based on Data, Not Chaos, to Achieve Results.
With Our In-House Production Department, We Are Able to Produce Original Content, Creating Effects Suitable for Customers' Purposes and Each SNS Platform's Characteristics.
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1. I Don't Have Followers, But Can IApply for TikTok Shop?
Yes. Even People Without Any Followers Can Become TikTok Shop Sellers and Start Selling.
2. What Is Needed to Open a TikTok Shop?
You Will Need a TikTok Account or Phone/Email. Register as a Member, Enter Personal/Company Information, Choose Company Type, Submit Relevant Documents, and Wait for 2-3 Days for Your Application to Be Approved. Once Approved, Connect Your Bank Account, Upload Your Products, and Start Selling.
3. How to Open a Quick Store on TikTok?
We Have Been in Business for Over a Year, Guaranteeing Business. You Need a TikTok Seller. With the Relevant Documents, You Can Open a Store in as Little as One Hour.
4. How to Add Products to TikTok Shop?
After Registering for TikTok Shop, You Can Add Vendors in the Seller Center and Upload Product Information. Uploaded Products Must Meet TikTok Shop's Product Eligibility and Local Regulations, Unauthorized Products Will Be Rejected.
5. How to Sell Products on TikTok Shop?
- 1. Promote Products with Creators. TikTok Shop Affiliate Program Helps Brands and Suppliers Build Connections with Various Stores Through a Commission-Based Partnership. - 2. Create Videos, Live Broadcasts, Product Showcases for Your Best-Selling Products. - 3. Dive Deeper into Your Products and Sales Performance in the Merchant Center: Reviews, Analytics Dashboard
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